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About Students' Committee of UTokyo Co-op

The University of Tokyo Co-op Student CommitteeA bridge between the University of Tokyo co-op and the students of the University of TokyoIt is a student organization that conducts various activities with the aim of becoming a There are student committees on the Komaba and Hongo campuses, each

  • Komaba Student Committee (C School)
  • Hongo Student Committee (H School)

Is called.

Examples of specific activities are listed below.

health fairWe hold this event several times a year to improve the eating habits of our members.
Welcome partyIt is held in March every year to relieve the anxiety of new students before entering school and to make their new life better.
Used book marketIt will be held at the May Festival and Komaba Festival. We sell books collected from our members.
Information magazine "Kikkusu / CKiEx"It is distributed free of charge at Komaba. Published several times a year.

In addition, we also publish information booklets for new students, guidebooks for university life, and guideposts for living alone. For more information, Support site for examinees and new studentsplease look at.

Through these activities, we would like to continue to convey the voices of students to the management side of the co-op, while at the same time providing multifaceted and comprehensive support for student life, and firmly delivering useful information to students.

Making university life better and more convenient for our membersWe will continue to work hard to achieve this goal.

We also send information on Twitter at any time. Please follow us!

Komaba Student Committee: @cgaku

Hongo Student Committee: @hgaku_utcoop

Activity place

C school

The Komaba Student Committee (C School) is located on the 1st floor of the Communication Plaza North Building on the Komaba Campus, between the Co-op Book Department and the Komaba Small Space.Co-op meeting room (C room)(see chart below).
Information magazine for those who are interested in C studies CKiEx / CKiEx Please feel free to drop by if you want the back number of or have a request for C school. If there is a committee, we will respond at any time.

School of H

Hongo Student Committee (H School)4th floor of the second cafeteria in HongoI am active in the student committee room in It's in a difficult place to find, but if you need help, please come by.


The room for Students' committee in Komba campus (C-gaku) ​​is Co-op conference room (C-gaku room). It lies on the ground floor of the Komaba Communication Plaza, between Co-op bookstore and the theater in Komaba (Komaba Sho-kukan) as the figure.
We welcome the persons not only who want to join us but also who want CKiEx in the past or who want to tell something to us, as the members of our committee are.


The room for students' committee in Hongo campus (H-gaku) ​​lies on the third floor of the secondary dining in Hongo campus. Unfortunately, this place is hard to find out… We also welcome the persons who want to tell something to us, as the members of our committee are.

Activity introduction

What is CKiEx

CKiEx is an abbreviation for Co-op Komaba information Express, which is a co-op information booklet published several times a year by the Komaba Student Council (C-Academics).

Each issue features a variety of articles, including great deals on fairs at each co-op store, articles that will make co-op members laugh, and information about studies that are useful for first-year Liberal Arts students. Currently, we are also transmitting information online.

Back number

Various information booklets