Medium-term management plan for 2023-2025

Action plan for 2023-2025

(1) As a university co-op that is easy to join and use for any member of the University of Tokyo, we will promote management that values ​​diversity and inclusion.

  • We will strengthen our activities to make the co-op's business widely known.
  • We will review the enrollment application system and promote the creation of a system that allows all members to enroll without stress.
  • We will standardize Japanese-English bilingual notation in documents and notices for international students.
  • We provide services that allow you to experience the benefits of being a member.
  • Promote barrier-free facilities and operations.

(2) With the organizing committee at the forefront, we will operate so that diverse members can participate in co-op activities.

  • We will restructure the activities of the Organizing Committee for students, graduate students, faculty and staff, and strengthen initiatives that emphasize the perspective of union member participation.
  • We aim to establish a new international student committee.
  • At each campus, we will utilize the opinions and voices of the relevant campus management committee to promote store management that meets the needs of the campus.
  • We will promote the creation of a place where members with diverse interests and interests can participate in the projects and activities of the University of Tokyo Co-op and play an active role.

(3) In addition to departments, laboratories, and organizations within the university, we will cooperate with various cooperatives, production areas, and production organizations to work on the university community and social issues, especially the realization of a sustainable society, which is a common issue for humankind.

  • In cooperation with local communities, cooperatives, companies, etc., we will promote activities aimed at resolving various issues by connecting not only with the university community, but also with local communities, such as "local production for local consumption" and "ethical consumption."
  • Together we will promote GX (Green Transformation) at the University of Tokyo, reduce the use of exhaustible resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions through business activities, and promote various initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment to build a sustainable campus. contribute to

④ We will further improve and strengthen the usage environment for our members.

  • In response to changes in the campus situation after COVID-19, we will proceed with a review of store formats, products and services.
  • With the cooperation of union members and the university, we will promote efforts to reduce congestion in the cafeteria during lunch hours.
  • During the current mid-term plan, we plan to (1) renovate the No. 2 Purchasing Department store, (2) relocate the Hongo Travel Center to the No. 2 dining room building, and (3) utilize the basement space of Hobun Building No. 2 (concretize the relocation of the Hongo Sumai Center). .

⑤ We will establish a housing business from the standpoint of our members.

  • After grasping the situation of the union members, we will promote the securing of a human resource system that will act as an intermediary for properties that can be contracted with peace of mind.
  • The target for 2025 is 1,300 referrals and 180 dedicated brokerage rooms.

⑥ It corresponds to the DX (Digital Transformation) of the University of Tokyo.

  • For the update of the university financial accounting system scheduled for 2026, we propose data linkage with the online product procurement system and the co-op school fee system.

(7) Conduct sound business operations and investments.

  • Aiming for a business surplus rate of 1%, we aim for operations that allow reinvestment in both equipment and personnel.
  • All staff working at the University of Tokyo Co-op are also union members. We will create a work environment where co-op staff can continue to work without exhaustion.
  • In order to continuously improve services and store operations for our members, we value the voices of our members, as well as the ideas and opinions of our employees, including part-time employees and students.
  • To that end, we aim to improve the overall service of the University of Tokyo Co-op by implementing various training programs and reviewing the workplace system so that employees can work with a sense of fulfillment.

(8) We will continue to operate the central cafeteria and Komaba Communication Plaza.

  • Hongo Chuo Shokudo will renew its contract at the end of March 2024, and Komaba Communication Plaza will renew its contract in August 2024. We aim to provide services and activities that are supported by our members, and as a result, continue to be entrusted with management.
  • The operation plan after contract renewal will be created based on the action plans (1) to (7), and the realization of the University of Tokyo co-op vision will be drawn more concretely.