Overview of the University of Tokyo Co-op


President of the University of Tokyo Consumers' Cooperative Society
Atsushi Ishida
(Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)

In February 1949, the University of Tokyo Co-op was incorporated from its predecessor, the Tokyo Imperial University Co-op, and became the University of Tokyo Consumers' Co-op. The publication of "Kike Wadatsumi no Koe" (University of Tokyo Publishing Department, October 1949), a collection of memoirs by students who died in war, became the starting point for the University of Tokyo Co-op to listen to the voices of each and every one of its fellow students.

Seventy years after its formation, the University of Tokyo Co-op's activities span a wide range, from the cafeteria department to the purchasing department, the book department, and the travel center (the publishing business was transferred to the University of Tokyo Press in 1952). In an increasingly severe competitive environment, the co-op takes pride in the fact that it has continued to operate its business from the perspective of its members. Article 9 of the Articles of Incorporation of the co-op stipulates that members shall have equal rights to vote and vote regardless of the amount of their investment, and shall receive equal benefits from the use of the business of the co-op. I guarantee it.

The enrichment of student life is not limited to the enhancement of “consumption”. In solidarity with university co-ops nationwide, the co-op also runs a "student general mutual aid" project in which students help each other to continue their studies by providing consolation money to students who have had an accident or become ill. increase.

While the scope of co-op business is expanding, the members of the co-op are becoming more diverse. The basic stance of the University of Tokyo Co-op is shaken in the hope that each and every one of them will be able to lead a fulfilling university life with peace of mind, and in order to do so, we are firmly determined to sincerely respond to the requests of each and every one of the members that make up the university community. does not change.

Organization overview

Established Founded in June 1946, acquired corporate status in May 1949 based on the Consumer Cooperatives Act
Capital 811.64 million yen (end of fiscal 2022)
Supply volume 5,530,940,000 yen (FY2022)
Business sector Restaurant Department, Book Department, Purchasing Department, Travel Service, Mutual Aid
number of employees 540 (31 full-time employees, 509 part-time employees as of the end of FY2022)
Number of union members 48,038 (end of 2022)
Chairman Atsushi Ishida (Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)
managing director Tatsuya Nakajima
Representative address 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033
Representative phone number 03‐3814‐1541

University co-op system

University co-op system

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