Newcomers to the University of Tokyo or those planning to enroll (members of the co-op)

University of Tokyo Co-op (University of Tokyo Co-op)is a non-profit organization commissioned by the University of Tokyo to provide welfare, education, and research support for members of the University of Tokyo.
The University of Tokyo Co-op accepts your investment and provides various products and services on the campus of the University of Tokyo to support the lives of University of Tokyo students. If you become a member, you can get a 10% discount on cafeterias, a 10% discount on books, and join the student general mutual aid system.

Information is provided by department, so please refer to the relevant section below.
After completing the enrollment procedure, we will provide you with a “Membership Card”.
The membership card is based on the "electronic membership card" displayed on the university co-op app.
We will guide you according to your circumstances, such as those who cannot use the app due to terminal conditions, or those who do not use co-op electronic money.

For new undergraduate students

If you are planning to take the undergraduate entrance exam or enroll in 2024, please visit this special website.

For graduate students

For graduate school students, please see this page.

For International Students

For international students, please see this page. Please check the site below.

For Faculty and Staff

If you are a faculty member, please see this page.