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cafeteria money

"School cafeteria money" is electronic money exclusively for co-ops that can be used to pay for food at cafeterias and purchases. Any member of the University Co-op can use it by downloading and registering the "University Co-op App (Official)".

  • Easy payment with smartphone
  • 1 point will be returned for every 200 yen paid for school cafeteria money
  • Manage your meal history with univcoop My Portal
  • It is also possible to deposit money from parents and view history with family application

Registration of the member himself/herself

Any member of the University Co-op can use it by registering the "University Co-op App (official)" and electronic money.

① Registration of "University Co-op App (Official)"

② Registration of school cafeteria money (co-op electronic money)

Registration for guardians

In order to check the child's usage history and charge the co-op electronic money, a parent or guardian is required to register.
After confirming that your child has been registered (STEP 1 and 2 above), please register below.

Click here for parent registration

Page for registered parents

The “Gakushoku Pass” service will end at the end of August 2022, and from September 1, 2022 (Thursday), we will shift to electronic money that can be used with the app. If you have not yet registered for migration, please check ①Registration of "University Co-op App (Official)" and ②Registration of Campus Cafeteria Money (Co-op electronic money).
*The Gakushoku Pass My Page and LINE collaboration services have ended.

Basic Concept of Food Additives

Compa party

The co-op cafeteria accepts catering and delivery of party hors d'oeuvres at the cafeteria hall.

Use from outside the university, such as academic conferences, visits, and tours

Hours used by many students and faculty/staff 11:30-13:30Please avoid this time as it is expected to be very crowded. Please refer to the following for more information.

School cafeteria co-op

"Gakushoku Dotto Co-op" is a university co-op's cafeteria information site. You can check the tax-included price, energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate, salt content, allergens, nutritional balance (three-group score), and information on the origin of the main raw materials, etc. as limited-time menu announcements and menu information.