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Notice from Purchasing Department

How to use public funds (operating expenses, KAKENHI, etc.)

If you are using public funds (KAKENHI, operating expenses, etc.) for the first time, you will need to register user data common to the University of Tokyo Co-op in advance (first time only). We will send you the application documents, so if you wish to register, please notify the store you plan to use. Registration will take approximately 2 business days after application. Please note that products ordered without registration cannot be paid at public expense and cannot be canceled until registration is complete.  

Guide to Using Public Funds (Operating Expenses, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, etc.)

How to use in store

Please present your university-issued ID card when using the service, and inform the staff of your registered extension and name.
We issue invoices, statements of delivery, and quotations (=researcher sales slips).
When receiving the product, please write the full name of the person who received it on the delivery note.

About courier delivery to your home, etc.

If you order by public expense (payment by invoice), we cannot arrange direct delivery from the EC site to your home. On the site, please place an order as a store pick-up, and then contact the receiving store for a delivery request. There is a separate shipping fee for sending to your home, etc., but as soon as you contact us, we will send it to your designated location by courier.

*Estimates are available for products not listed on this web page.
Please contact the store in charge below.

When you place an order, we will issue delivery documents, etc., so we can respond promptly if you provide us with the following information.

  • Public expense user registration extension number
  • Public expense user registration name
  • Pick-up method (visit or delivery)

*If you would like delivery, please let us know the delivery location (building, room number), desired time zone (morning/afternoon), etc.