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Notice from the Book Department

online book purchase

You can search, reserve, and order in-store inventory at the University of Tokyo Co-op Hongo/Komaba Book Department.
As stated in the Terms of Use and Instructions for Use
◇ 3 things to pay special attention to Please read carefully.

For textbook home delivery orders, see the "Textbooks" section below.

Books that cannot be found in the inventory search system,
Please see here for requests for foreign and antiquarian books.
*Used books can only be purchased at public expense.
For textbook home delivery orders, see the "Textbooks" section below.

All of the above services are available at public expense.
For orders and estimates for items not found on the above site, please send them to the email address below.

Hongo Book Club

school fees
Private expense

Komaba Book Department


Use at public expense (operating expenses/Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research)

reading promotion

The University of Tokyo Co-op also conducts reading promotion activities.
We have prepared a wealth of content such as book reviews and author interviews by students so that you can find the next book you want to read.

University of Tokyo co-op ranking

Monthly rankings by field of the University of Tokyo Co-op Book Department are posted.
Updated around the 5th of every month.
 *Books designated as textbooks by the Hongo Book Department are not included in the ranking.
 *Please refrain from reprinting the content without permission.
  If you wish to reprint, please contact the store manager in question.

Book club ranking