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Various Procedures/Change/Reissue of Lost Membership Information

Notice of various procedures, change of member information, lost reissue

Co-op membership

Please join the co-op and use it. The cafeteria and book clubs can be used at union member prices.
A membership card will be issued to those who join.


Click here for the procedures for withdrawing from the co-op when you leave the University of Tokyo, such as when you graduate or retire.

Updating/reissuing lost member information

Change information without changing affiliation or expected year of graduation

Those who are using "University Co-op App (official)" and co-op electronic money

Please change your name, address, contact phone number, etc. from univcoop My Portal.

If you want to change the email address registered in the app or the verification phone number, please contact us using the form below.

Those who do not use the "University Co-op App (Official)"

You can apply to change member information such as your name, address, and contact phone number.

*If you need to change your affiliation or expected year of graduation, please contact us using the "Affiliation/Scheduled Graduation Year Change Form".

Change of information due to changes in affiliation and expected year of graduation

If you continue to be enrolled at the University of Tokyo, such as those who wish to proceed to graduate school, those whose expected year of graduation will change, or those who will become faculty members, please do not apply for a refund of your investment, but instead apply for a change.

Lost membership card reissue

If you have lost your membership card, please prepare the following and come to the co-op counter.

  • A document that can be used to confirm enrollment, such as a student ID card or staff ID card
    *If you live in Tokyo or Kashiwa City in Chiba Prefecture and have membership qualifications, please bring an ID card with your address.
  • Reissue fee 100 yen

*The above procedures are not required if you are migrating to the electronic membership card of the "University Co-op App (Official)".
After registering the app, you can also use co-op electronic money.

Mutual Aid/Insurance

If you become a member, you can join the university co-op's mutual aid and insurance.
Please consider subscribing so that you can spend your university life with peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and graduate safely.
Please see the following page for details.

Application for Bicycle Parking on Hongo Campus

The Hongo Purchasing Department No. 2 and the Faculty of Agriculture Purchasing accept registrations for Hongo Campus Bicycle Parking Permits and Motorcycle Parking Permits.
Please refer to the website of the University of Tokyo below for the application method.

*Regarding bicycle parking applications on the Komaba Campus here please look at.