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Notice to co-op committee members for 2022

 Thank you for choosing to serve on the Co-op Committee. On this page

  1. What new co-op members should do
  2. What to do for each role
  3. Supplementary information about "Representative"

are summarized. Co-op members, please read this entire page and proceed with various procedures.

 In addition, this year's co-op member registration was done with the email address submitted by the senior students, so there is no need to register additionally. The email address you submit will be used for contacting you and for guidance from the co-op.

1. What All Co-op Committee Members Should Do

(1) Division of roles
When: As soon as elected!
 Two co-op members selected from each class should share the following roles.

  1. Representative candidate (1 person)
  2. Person in charge of conveying information from the co-op to the class (1 person)

②Web learning
When: Please proceed when you are settled in your new life.
 You will learn about “what is a co-op” and “what is a co-op committee member” online.
 herePlease download the study materials from and proceed with your studies. After you finish studying, we have prepared a quiz to check your understanding, so please take advantage of it. the quiz is hereYou can take the exam from

2. What Co-op Committee Members in Each Role Do

① Candidates for valedictorian
 I will give information about the representative of the co-op to all co-op members. Accordingly, I hope that you will run for representative. Please note that this is only a candidate and not mandatory, but we hope that you will actively accept it.

②The person in charge of conveying the communication from the co-op to the class
 The co-op may ask you to contact the student members through the co-op committee. We will contact you via email. Please be sure to let the class know.

3. Supplementary information about valedictorian

The representative candidacy period ended on Friday, April 22nd. Thank you for your cooperation. The winning announcement is hereYou can see it from

① About the date of the general representative meeting
 This year's general meeting will be held on Saturday, May 21, in the afternoon.

(2) General representative candidate
 We are looking for general representative candidates from all representative candidates. Recruitment will be done via e-mail. The method of candidacy is described in (4). The deadline for submission is 17:00 on Thursday, April 14th.

③Representative candidates other than co-op members
 Non-co-op members can also run for representative. For example, if there is someone in your class who you would like to run for, or if you would like to act as representative with a friend, please submit a candidature form in the same way as in ②. In this case, the deadline for submission is 17:00 on Thursday, April 14th.

④How to submit a candidacy notification
 There are two ways to submit a nomination form. We recommend using the web form to apply.

  1. How to run for candidacy using a web form
    1. this University of Tokyo Co-op 2022 Ordinary General Representative Candidate Form Please fill in the necessary information in the
  2. How to download the "Representative Candidate Recommendation Form" and bring it in paper form to the co-op store
    1. this page Please download the "Representative Candidate Recommendation Form" from here.
    2. Please fill in the required information in the downloaded file.
    3. Please bring the filled-out file in paper form to the Representative Election Administration Committee Secretariat (Hongo Nishoku Tatemono Cooperative Member Center), Komaba Co-op Headquarters, Kashiwa Academic Shop, Ikaken Store, or the Purchasing Department of the Faculty of Agriculture. .

4. inquiry

 For inquiries, please contact the following. Please change [at] to @.

  • Co-op system in general: Komaba Student Committee c-gaku[at]
  • General Representative Notification: General Representative Secretariat, University of Tokyo Co-op utcoop.gms[at]

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