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Welcome party

After passing the University of Tokyovarious proceduresIn addition to the so-called university-related procedures, various procedures are required, and I think there are many expectations and concerns. Therefore, in order to alleviate the anxiety of new students and parents as much as possible, and to make their new university life more enjoyable and meaningful, we, the University of Tokyo Co-op Komaba Student Committee (C School) will hold a meeting from mid to late March. The event we are planning for new students is the “Welcome Party for New Students”.

Co-op Committee Guidance

"Co-op Committee Guidance" will be held in an on-demand format in early April. Ori training camp etc. co-op committee” is eligible.

About the welcome of C school

C studiesWe will also have a new welcome activity! C studiesYou can hear more about it at the event below. (Information as of April 14th. Please check back as it will be updated from time to time.)

  1. New arrival information session and roundtable discussion to be held in April (scheduled to be held from 7:00 pm on April 8th (Monday), 4/15th (Monday), and 4/22nd (Monday).)

In addition, next to the book department in the Communication Plaza North BuildingCo-op meeting roomthere is. Here is C studiesIf you are interested, please visit us anytime.

Information about new arrivals will be posted on C Gaku Twitter @cgaku, the official LINE account, and the official Instagram account, so please follow us.

If you have materials requested from the co-op, it is enclosed in it."Sukikkusu New Congratulations"butC studiesI'm introducing about, so if you'd like, please take a look at it too.

For other inquiries, please contact