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Request for 2022 General Representative Candidates

Thanks to everyone's cooperation, we were able to successfully hold the General Assembly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(* The representative candidature period ended on Friday, April 22. Thank you for your cooperation.hereYou can see it from )

1. What is a valedictorian

 A general representative is a union member who participates with voting rights in the "general representative meeting" (similar to a general meeting of shareholders in a company), which is the highest decision-making body of the University of Tokyo Co-op.
 The University of Tokyo Co-op places importance on the participation of students in its operations, and out of a total of 200 representatives, there are 142 students (54 undergraduate students from the Komaba area, 45 undergraduate students from other areas, and 43 graduate students). is.
 For more information on the role of the valedictorian, please see "Materials about the role of the valedictorian" in "6. Links to other supplementary and related information" below.

2. About the importance of the General Assembly

 The general representative meeting is a place to approve annual business policies and budgets. Without the general representative meeting, the University of Tokyo Co-op will not be able to operate its business. And without representatives, general representative meetings cannot be held.
 If the number of general representatives is not met and the general representative meeting cannot be held, the project cannot be continued, and the lives of all members, including students, faculty and staff of the University of Tokyo, will be seriously affected.
 As for the faculty and staff, there are many who continue to serve as valedictorians every year, so there is no problem.

3. Requests to everyone

Please become the representative!

 This is all I ask of you.
 In 2022, we plan to hold a meeting of representatives on Saturday, May 21. In addition to securing the opportunity to attend the meeting after taking sufficient measures to prevent infection, it is possible to make a decision in writing (not to come to the venue but to express your intention in writing). Therefore, please rest assured about the risk of infection and spread of the new coronavirus infection.
 Also, anyone who has even the slightest interest in running a co-op can become a valedictorian. Every year, about 30% of those who become valedictorians are first-time valedictorians.

4. How to become a valedictorian

 Here are two ways to become a representative.

  1. How to run for candidacy using a web form
    1. this University of Tokyo Co-op 2022 Ordinary General Representative Candidate Form Please fill in the necessary information in the
  2. How to download the "Representative Candidate Recommendation Form" and bring it in paper form to the co-op store
    1. this page Please download the "Representative Candidate Recommendation Form" from here.
    2. Please fill in the required information in the downloaded file.
    3. Please bring the filled-out file in paper form to the Representative Election Administration Committee Secretariat (Hongo Nishoku Tatemono Cooperative Member Center), Komaba Co-op Headquarters, Kashiwa Academic Shop, Ikaken Store, or the Purchasing Department of the Faculty of Agriculture. .

5. After becoming president

 The secretariat of the general representative meeting will send you the proposals of the general representative meeting. Detailed instructions are enclosed there. We have also enclosed a guide to the written decision.

6. Links to other supplementary information and related information

7. inquiry

 For inquiries, please contact the following. Please change [at] to @.

  • About General Assembly: Komaba Student Committee c-gaku[at]
  • General Representative Notification: General Representative Secretariat, University of Tokyo Co-op utcoop.gms[at]

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