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The 2021 Squishy Summer issue has been completed!

  • C School Board Game Club
  • Recommended for self-catering
  • Extraordinary research team ~ Minor but convenient service for students ~
  • quick puzzle
  • C school activity report
  • Co-op Information
  • Life of a PhD Student -Faculty of Science-
  • Higher Education Policy Committee ~Future Schedule for Higher Education Selection~
  • Editor's Note

"CKiEx Summer Issue" will also be distributed online.
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Detailed introduction

[Series] C-Gaku Mutual Aid Newsletter

 Free consultation phone for student life and how to apply for mutual aid benefits.

[Special Feature] C School Board Game Club

It's hard to go out with friends in class or circles due to the corona crisis... You need ideas for social gatherings on Zoom, don't you?
So this time, the width of the play spreads,Board and table games onlineWe are introducing 2 of them!C school committee actually playingI'm checking it out, so I'm happy if the fun is transmitted.

[Series] Extraordinary Investigation Team ~Minor but convenient service for students~

This time, we investigated lesser-known services and apps that UTokyo students can use for free or at a discounted price. If you are interested in our services, please let us know!

[Series] Recommendations for self-catering

In this issue, we are featuring "somen salad chicken pho", "cucumber and pork stir-fried with salt", and "tomato oligosaccharide pickled". Check out tonight's menu!

[Series] Skix Puzzle

Sudokuis! A book card will be won by lottery from those who can solve it!

[Series] C school activity report

We are introducing the General Assembly and the Student Life Questionnaire.

[Series] Co-op Information

We will feature about co-op handmade bento. In the interview, I was able to see the obsession of the staff! Please take a look!

[Series] Life of a PhD student

This issue isFaculty of Scienceis focused on Learn more about the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Earth and Planetary Physics. If you are interested in the Faculty of Science, or if you don't have an image of the second half of the course, please read it!

[Series] Higher Education Committee ~Future Schedule for Higher Education Selection~

Here is a summary of the schedule related to choosing a university. Let's make sure there are no mistakes!

The next footer recruitment theme is "What you want to do in the A semester." Please apply from the form above! At the same time, we are also looking for readers' voices! Please feel free to post anything related to C Gaku or anything completely unrelated!