Used book market

Overview of the University of Tokyo Co-op Student Committee "Secondhand Book Market"

University of Tokyo school festival"May Festival"(May)・"Komaba Festival"(November), this is a project jointly carried out by the Komaba Student Committee (C School) and the Hongo Student Committee (H School).
We collect used books from students and faculty members in advance and sell them at the school festival.
It has been going on for more than 40 years and has become one of the famous events of the school festival that attracts many people every year.
Sales amount is 70%refund to sellerIn addition, the remaining 30%, minus miscellaneous expenses, will be given to a charity organization (in this case, the National University Co-op Scholarship Foundation).donationdoing.
Also the selling pricefree to decideThe point is also very popular.

Both the May Festival and Komaba Festivalabout a month agoIf you would like to exhibit your book, please refer to the notice from the Student Committee at that time and apply for exhibiting according to the procedure.
*A separate information page will be opened during the school festival.

Response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection

In 2020, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the University of Tokyo's school festival was held entirely online, so the secondhand book market has given up on holding it.

As an alternative, at the 2020 Komaba Festival, a booklet issued by the University of Tokyo Co-op Student Committee"CKiEx"was exhibited online.

Implementation results

  • Komaba Festival 2023: 1125 items exhibited
  • 2019 Komaba Festival: 2670 works
  • 2019 May Festival: 2791 entries
  • 2018 Komaba Festival: 2717 exhibits
  • 2018 May Festival: 2383 works
  • 2017 Komaba Festival: 1,800 exhibits
  • 2017 May Festival: 1406 works

Event information

Information about the event will be posted on the Student Committee Twitter (@cgaku) ​​as needed.

[The application link for the 2024 May Festival ishereis! ]

* Please read the explanation carefully from this link and apply in advance. We will send you detailed instructions later.

* Please set your mobile phone, computer, etc. so that you can receive messages from Gmail.

*Information received will be kept by the Secondhand Book Fair staff and will only be used for contacting you regarding this secondhand book fair, information on future secondhand book fairs, and important communications from the University of Tokyo Co-op Student Committee.

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