Basic knowledge of life as a graduate student


Congratulations to all new graduate students on your admission.
This site was created to answer simple questions that people who have entered graduate school have, such as "What kind of life do graduate students lead?" . All articles are written by current graduate students of the University of Tokyo based on their actual experiences. I would appreciate it if you could refer to it as an opinion of your predecessors and use it.
You are the one who decides what to do in graduate school. Somehow, the few years of graduate school will go by in a blink of an eye. It is important to determine what you want to do and what you need to do, and to set goals. We support you so that you can lead a meaningful graduate school life.

Difference between undergraduate and graduate school

We will explain the difference between graduate school and undergraduate school from the administrative side such as credits and lectures.

Difference between undergraduate and graduate school

HOW to Research

Here are some tips and testimonials for a smooth research life.

HOW to Research

About PhD

We will explain the differences between the doctoral course and the master's course, as well as the career path after entering the university.

About PhD

Recommendation for job hunting

I will explain how to make a schedule for employment.

Recommendation for job hunting

About studying abroad

Here is information that will be helpful when considering studying abroad at graduate school.

About studying abroad

List of useful websites

This is a list of websites that contain useful information for university life.

I would like to know about tuition fee exemption and scholarship procedures

It describes how to apply for deferment or exemption of tuition and admission fees.

Graduate students who have received or are receiving a loan from the Japan Student Services Organization that must be repaid can check how to apply for a grace period for the repayment of the scholarship.

I want to search for articles

You can access databases of articles and e-journals from "Search Materials".

You can search databases and book seminars according to your purpose.

I want to use the library more

You can order books and extend loans online.

I want to register for courses

In addition to course registration, you can check grades, register papers, and change your address registered with the university.

I want to learn ECCS account

An ECCS account is an account necessary to use various services provided by the university, including e-mail.

I want to use wireless LAN on campus

I want to know job hunting information for University of Tokyo students

UTokyo You can get information about various events and make reservations for career consultations.

You can view information on job hunting seminars for students of the University of Tokyo and testimonials of prospective applicants.

I want to consult about worries about research, relationships, etc.

There are information such as "Anything Consultation Corner" and "Student Counseling Center" that can handle a wide range of concerns such as human relationships and career paths.

I want to make good use of the University of Tokyo co-op

Fair and event information for each store. You can also order books.

The University of Tokyo Co-op