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CKiEx Autumn issue Online version

Sucks (CKiEx) AutumnNumber completed!

  • C school mutual aid communication
  • Special feature No! I went from Komaba to Shibuya in 10,000 steps
  • Feature Komaba Campus Orienteering
  • Co-op Information
  • C school activity report
  • Recommended for self-catering
  • Extraordinary Research Team ~Tokyo's Popular Spots~
  • Squixpuzzle ~Sudoku~
  • Higher Education Planning Committee ~Regarding Designated Average Scores~
  • Life of a Doctoral Course Student ~College of Liberal Arts Edition~
  • Reader's voice
  • Editor's Note

"CKiEx Fall Issue" will also be distributed online.

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Detailed introduction

[Series] C-Gaku Mutual Aid Newsletter

 We cover how to handle the new coronavirus in mutual aid and how to apply for mutual aid benefits.