What is "Peace"

Peace is a booklet that introduces the efforts related to peace and international understanding carried out by the Peace and International Project of the University of Tokyo Co-op. Peace Now!It introduces activities related to peace such as reports on training tours such as

The latest version of "Peace2020" can be viewed from the link below (Please note that the file size is large. About 95MB).

And, if you are a member of the union of students, faculty and staff, anyone can participate in Peace Now!

What is Peace Now!

In the midst of the turmoil and defeat of World War II, Japanese society was founded in various places to realize peace and a better university life. rice field. In order to create and develop a better university life, we hope for a peaceful society, and in order to realize a peaceful society not only for university students but for everyone living in this world, the university co-op offers an experience-based program to think about peace. study program  Peace Now!has been held. Many university co-op members have participated so far, and through what they can feel and think about because of the venue, they have sent out into society people who can think and act on the need for the realization of a peaceful society and what can be done to achieve it. rice field.

As a university co-op that has acted to promote peace and a better university life, we have learned from our experience of World War II the importance of a peaceful society, and we are committed to promoting peace as one of the universal values ​​that humankind aspires to. In order to realize a bright future for ourselves, we hope for a peaceful society and hope for a peaceful society, and spread the wish for peace to many people and society. Aiming to increase

  • To provide an opportunity for union members to become interested in matters related to “peace”
  • To provide members with an experience of thinking about “peace” and deepening with others
  • To enable union members to think and act for peace on their own

Peace Now! 2019 will be held for the following three purposes.
(Partial excerpt from Peace Now! 2019 event guidelines)

Specific content (contents for 2019)

Peace Now! Hiroshima 2019

ScheduleAugust 5, 2019 (Monday) 13:00 to August 8 (Thursday) 14:00
VenueHiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture (museums, battlefields, etc.)
hotelHiroshima Peace Hotel
Entry feeUndecided (assumed to be around 40,000 yen)
Main contentsVisit the Peace Museum, Peace Memorial Park, participate in the Peace Memorial Ceremony,
Fieldwork in Hiroshima City, A-bomb survivor lectures, etc.

Peace Now! Nagasaki 2019

ScheduleThursday, August 8, 2019 from 13:00 to Sunday, August 11, 2019 at 14:00
VenueNagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture (battle ruins, etc.)
hotelNagasaki Aguri no Oka Kogen Hotel
Entry feeUndecided (assumed to be around 40,000 yen)
Main contentsVisit to the Atomic Bomb Museum, participation in the Peace Memorial Ceremony, fieldwork in Nagasaki City, lectures by A-bomb survivors, etc.

Peace Now! Okinawa 2019

ScheduleSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday) 13:30 to 5th (Thursday) 14:00
VenueVenue: Okinawa Prefecture (museum, peace memorial park, etc.)
hotelOkinawa International Youth Hotels
Entry feeUndecided (assumed to be around 40,000 yen)
Main contentsVisiting the Peace Memorial Museum, fieldwork in Okinawa Prefecture (battlefields and US military bases in Japan),
Testimonies of those who experienced the Battle of Okinawa, etc.

About participation fee

In all regions, the participation fee includes accommodation, meals, admission to the museum, insurance during the seminar, and other materials.
Round-trip transportation to the site, transportation and meals during fieldwork are not included.

This year, it will be held in November due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection.
We will inform you about the application later.
Okinawa: 11/7 (Sat) - 11/8 (Sun)
Nagasaki: 11/14 (Sat) - 11/15 (Sun)
Hiroshima: 11/28 (Sat) - 11/29 (Sun)

For more information

For details on this project, please see the page below (You will be redirected to the Peace Now! special website of the National Federation of University Co-ops, the organizer).

How to apply

Applications for 2019 have ended. Please wait for the application for 2020.

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