Welcome to the University of Tokyo!

Welcome to the University of Tokyo Co-op!

Dear Students,

The University of Tokyo Co-op, would like to support your studies and daily life in Japan!
Our campus, we have stores, cafeterias and bookstores that provide many goods and services for you.

The University of Tokyo

Our services


Drink and foods,
Daily goods,
Simple electric

and more...


Various dishes
offered at reasonable prices,
evening service
(weekdays only).


Members can
buy books at a 10
percent discount.


Train/plane tickets,
name (business)
events at cafeteria

and more...

Our membership

Most of the students and many teaching staffs and officers join our Co-op. The entry price is based on the members' investment, so we hope you will join our Co-op. In order to become the member, you need to deposit the capital (we request you to invest 60 shares, 24,000 yen), which will be paid back to you, when you graduate the university.

Member benefits

Co-op member are entitled to the following benefits.

  • 10 percent discount at Co-op bookstores.
  • 10 percent discount at Co-op cafeteria and dining hall.
  • 15 percent discount on CDs at Co-op bookstores.
  • TUO cards application (Co-op credit card - VISA).

We are looking forward to your membership in this program.
(Please see the last page for application procedures)

Thank you.

The University of Tokyo Co-op

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